Monday, July 11, 2011


Violet and I spent the weekend housebound, as we suffered a bad case of coughs and sniffles. This  was Violet's first proper cold, so we have had a few rather sleepless nights, and we are not altogether out of the woods yet. There's not really a great deal you can do for babies at this age. So we have just been using a natural baby chest rub, a steam vaporizer and a few extra breastfeeds. I've been downing honey and lemon tea, lemongrass tea, garlic bread and Chinese cough medicine.

The kid's enjoyed a little cartoon watching as the wind howled outside.

Sleeping fairly soundly in the daytime.

While the rest of the family attended a birthday party at the village hall, I whiled away the hours with Violet by my side, working on shop consignment items that I was recently approached about. Quite excited but nervous at the prospect of selling my items. And wondering where I will find the time!

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without pancakes.

Dubbed the blue room. No, we haven't had a paint job. This is what happens when you pop a blue woolen blanket over the window to stop any cold air getting to the bedroom inhabitants. Particularly important when co-sleeping with an ill baby, and coinciding with the worst winds we've seen in this house yet.

As we enter the second week of the school holidays, I'm very grateful not to be doing the school run until we are (hopefully) all well. Until then, I am looking forward to a relatively restful week. How about you?


  1. Poor little Violet - hope she feels better soon. Lalie has a dry cough at the moment so she's been sleeping with us, too... shame we can't do much for them...


  2. I hope you both feel better soon :( I have a bedroom to paint and decorate. And 1300 photos to edit by Thursday eeek! Vx

  3. hi there - nice to meet you and your beautiful family. I have had a good little poke around your blog and I am feeling inspired to grab out my AMH book and make some of those trousers - so cute!

  4. That is why I love homeschooling...on miserable days like today there is no need to leave the house whatsoever :)
    Hope both you and Violet are feeling better soon.


  5. Poor you and its been so cold even here.Hope you are all better soon.Our hols are over back to the lunchmaking etc sigh!!!

  6. Good that you can snuggle in. Hope you're all better soon.Good luck with the articles for the shop and look forward to hearing more about it,

  7. Hope you all feel better soon... love the photo of them watching cartoons, so cute laying there together!

  8. Hope you're both feeling better soon! Are your polished concrete floors heated? We've just moved into our new house and we didn't go for heating- the floors are freezing!

  9. Oh dear. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery too. Can't wait to see more of the shop consignment items. :)

  10. It's exhausting looking after a sick kiddy-wink, especially when you're not well yourself. I hope you both get better soon x

    I love your vintage sheet quilt, that pic of Violet snuggled up on it is gorgeous.

    Your lovely concrete floors are exactly what we want in our new extension...I've been meaning to ask about them for ages...did you ask for anything special when you got them done...I'd be extremely grateful for any tips x

  11. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Great to hear of your baby healing methods - I did the same with mine. Its amazing what natural remedies and rest can achieve! Oh and just have to tell you - that Violet is too cute!!!

  12. we too have been housebound with coughs and colds. I have baked a lot and tried to stay sane and invent new activities, like paper sculptures and paper cranes, that was today.

  13. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

    Hazel - our floors aren't heated, but as long as we wear socks or uggs it's fine. With the place well insulated and the fireplace on, it tends to heat up the floor to a degree.

    Kylie - I'm lucky to be married to a concretor so he did most of it himself, bar the final polish which required a machine with special blades. We didn't polish it as much as some floors are because I was after a more rustic, matte kind of look. We sealed the floors with a low-odour water based paint.


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