Friday, January 6, 2012

around here

re-arranging after packing away the christmas decorations

that ever enticing door to the kid's room ( "look, it's open!")

 finally the doona is off (but I kind of miss it)

cut flowers from our garden - can you believe it?!

the calender that I finally decided to spend the year with (from here)

knitting for the next season - this one has done some travels with many stitches worked in Kiama and the Highlands (not to mention the Hume Highway)

my beautiful new bowl from Peppergreen antiques

vanilla cupcakes for visiting cousins

beautiful, beautiful Liberty - coincidentally op-shopped a few weeks after purchasing this book. In the form of a very large square shawl. I'm not really a shawl person (or perhaps I just never found the right shawl), anyway, a lap quilt backing is what I'm thinking...

she is in the room

kneaded white bread... because sometimes you just feel like kneading

Happy weekend all!


  1. That cupcake looks scrumptious! As do those sweet faces. :)

  2. your home is SO beautiful. i'm off to pick some of my hydrangeas now... :)


  3. Your flowers are so lovely. Is tha buddlea and a blue moon rose I spy? it's a nice feeling getting back into the swing of normal homelife again after Xmas and being away. Enjoy! x

  4. Kim - Yes it is (though I say butterfly bush because it's easier to pronounce!) and the rose is a Lagerfeld, though funnily enough it sits beside a Blue Moon that I recently planted after it was living in a pot since moving from our first house over 4 years ago.

  5. Lovely post! I love the flowers and dream of having my own too. Can't wait as this post inspired me.


  6. Oooh! Ooooh! Do you know the name of the little apricot flower because I have it in my garden and can't remember it's name. I've been trying to find out for ages!

  7. That is so exciting being able to have cut flowers from your own garden:) I haven't planted any at my home I do love the idea of being able to bring flowers from my garden indoors. I love the blue bowl too, it's such a pretty find Tania. Have a lovely weekend. x

  8. Hi Linda - I believe it's a Diascia. Such a pretty apricot colour.

  9. Just catching up on a spot of blog updates. Such beautiful photos. Violet sure is growing up. And well done on the home grown flowers, they are lovely. x

  10. Op-shopped Liberty? How lucky are you? The buddleia is gorgeous, I've been eyeing off the varieties at Diggers seeds over christmas and can't wait to order some when it gets a little cooler.

  11. Your daughter is divine.
    Those eyes....
    This is funny but you feature my three favourite flowers (apart from lavender) all in this one post! Hydrangea, Buddleia and Blue moon rose. Weird in a good way though, x


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