Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thank you for your kind and encouraging words yesterday.  It seems I'm not the only one who has been suffering from a good dose of school holiday-itis. There were many excellent suggestions in the comments left yesterday. I especially loved those chocolate ones. 

So, yesterday, although not the best day (did I mention I'm not good in the heat?) I made an effort to sit down and do a little knitting when I could. In the cool of the evening I spent an hour in the garden. Weeding, watering and moving a little mulch. It was strangely therapeutic. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy quiet time in the garden. I think another nursery visit is in order.

Apart from going away we tend to keep school holidays fairly low key events around here. We don't go out much  (a 15 minute drive to town is a good deterrent) and apart from the odd birthday party we don't tend to schedule much in at all.  Most of the time this works well. 

The kids usually watch a few (ABC) morning cartoons. They tend to play outside for short bursts under the verandah (while it is hot anyway, as we have no other shade yet) and at other times they busy themselves with paper and pen. Or a little reading. Or lego.

While Violet does her own little thing in the midst of it all. And we try to keep her away from the lego. And the pens. And the paper.

It is a little too late for a school holiday list of things to do.  I usually, at some point in the holidays, take the kids to town for the day. We have milkshake or sweets at a cafe (strong coffee for me), a visit to the old-fashioned lolly shop and a visit to the library. (And I do sneak a little op shop visit in there, much to the dislike of my son). I think we just might do that today.

I'm also dying to see the new Muppets movie. I grew up watching The Muppet Show and I think the kids have seen each and every Swedish Chef video on You Tube that there is. But I might need to enlist some husband help on that one. Have you seen it?

Sending lots of positive school holiday vibes your way.


  1. Your school holidays sound a lot like ours...already this morning the kids craft boxes have been out, and now they're onto dress ups and dancing.
    It's looking to be a very hot day, so it will be a quick dash out to the shops shortly, and back home to the cool of the air-conditioner.
    Hope you get to see the Muppets movie!

  2. DD12 is already using the "B" word - Bored! She is my last one before I have an empty nest and you'd think with 200 acres, a horse, a dog, a cat and a stack of toys/craft items she could find something to do! It's been raining here a lot lately too :(.
    Have you tried home made playdough as I've found in the past this can keep kids occupied for an hour or more, especially if they have some cookie cutters as well? Depending which one you make it doesn't matter if Violet pops a bit in her mouth either!

  3. Yes! Go see the Muppets! You will love it. We have indoctrinated our kids with lots of Muppet DVDs so they were already on board. I just want to go and live in that movie.

  4. Glad you managed to get some quiet time Tania, it's so needed especially during the holidays.
    Your holidays unfold much like ours do though we do tend to make a trip to the beach every other day, the rest of our time is spent crafting, chilling or having friends over.
    Another muppet fan here :)

  5. I'm keen for the muppets too. Kellie xx

  6. I saw The Muppet movie on Tuesday Tania (like you I grew up watching them) I'm afraid I didn't really like it, I found it too long and a bit boring to tell you the truth. Which was a shame because I was so looking forward to it. Oh well. Probably just me though, everyone else seems to love it. My daughter's review for what it's worth: "it's not the best movie I've ever seen Mum, but it's not the worst either"

  7. Dont be too dissapointed in the Muppet was too long and the dancing and singing freaked me out a little...a bit too weird.
    to me it was sad.....and the Muppets were always funny, not sad.

  8. Funny you should mention it. A friend just sent me a link to the Swedish Chef, Yes We Have No Bananas just yesterday. It made me smile.

  9. You could so home school, Tania! Just saying;)

    I KWYM re: the heat. I'm hopeless in it. And the garden, when it's cool is such great therapy. it can depress me though in the heat of the day when I can't get out and do the things I want to get done it it. Thankfully autumn is next - not that I'm wishing our lives away or anything;)

    I lived on the Muppets too. We haven't seen the new movie yet but I'm busting to as well.


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