Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just before christmas, the hubby very kindly agreed to let me choose a few christmas gifts for myself. I think he breathed a sigh of relief at the suggestion. 

I have admired Melissa's beautiful creations for some time, and fell in love with this little brooch from here. Now, I am not usually a brooch person. But I think I am absolutely converted now. During our recent break to visit family, I wore this almost every single day.

I very recently noticed that all my shoes were wearing out. So strange. I don't think this has happened to me in years. But I think I know why. In the past I have had way too many shoes. When I simplified my wardrobe a few years ago I only kept my favourite shoes and have not bought any since. So, inevitably, with time they have worn out.  Which meant a new pair was on the agenda. I chose these, and was surprised at just how quickly they arrived. The mustardy yellow colour makes me feel happy when I wear them.

Lastly, I wanted to show you a beautiful skirt that I was so fortunate to win in an Owlet giveaway. (Don't you just love Lauren's blog?)

It perfectly fits Violet and I know she will get at least one more Summer out of it. Though Violet is not twirling just yet, I suspect that this will be the perfect twirling skirt.  The fabric combinations and layering is just perfect. Thank you Lauren!

Of course, sometimes, these little photo shoots don't quite go to plan...


  1. Oh I do love your yellow sandals, they are gorgeous. As for brooches, I love them too and have a few in my drawer but always forget to wear them.
    Cute skirt also :)

  2. What lovely special to choose gifts yourself and what a great win with the skirt!Little it, she will be twirling before you know it!

  3. Love the tan line on that chubby little arm...

  4. Wonderful selections. I love Melissa's aesthetic too. I have a gorgeous embroidered pin cushion she made that I love. Also loving the action shot in the photo shoot! Reminds me of how I had to keep my hair in a pony tail for the first year and a half after Cohen's birth. Those little grabby hands are so fast and so hard to untangle! :)

  5. Such a lovely Christmas present.
    Trudie of 'My Vintage Vow' is hosting a brooch swap if you're interested, where you send two brooches- one thrifted, one handmade.
    Love your pretty yellow sandals too. x

  6. The skirt is darling and I love the sandals. I'm knitting a sweater in that color right now.

  7. Wow I am loving that etsy shop that you got your shoes from! I didn't even know hand made shoes were available on therel
    I think I might purchase some for myself ;) Thank you for sharing...

  8. I had to laugh as to what is on my Christmas list since moving to our property. This year it was a trailer for the ride on lawn mower to save me lugging things around the property when I'm working. How things change... Sadly, I don't have it yet as Santa managed to put a screwdriver straight through his hand whilst fixing the kitchen sink and so the week before Christmas was spent in hospital (ouch).

  9. thank you for the mention! it's lovely for me to see you wearing the brooch and it suits you :)

  10. What gorgeous presents, Tania. Those yellow shoes are lovely, so too the broche. And yes, Lauren at Owlet is one clever duckie:)

  11. the skirt is so sweet and your right her blog is beautiful. i do love your brooch. thanks for the links tania. enjoy your day. xo.


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