Monday, January 16, 2012

from the weekend

  1. Julia-picked flowers just for her mama.
  2. Christmas gifted bright checked Irish linen napkins. Beside old faithful white linen napkins collected over many years.Proving how uneventful the weekend really was - I ironed.
  3. The baby shrug is slowly coming together. Second attempt. First attempt one side came out in reverse. It was not funny at the time.
  4. Wilting wildflowers picked last weekend.
  5. Highly recommended reading.
  6. Loving long baby naps as they don't happen too often around here. Particularly during school holidays.
  7. Cutting out for a new little sewing project. Realising that I am a duplicate sewer. I never seem to make one of anything.
  8. New gumboots from the grandparents.
  9. Watered and weeded the vegie garden. Tomatoes, beans and corn thriving. The basil, though unsuccessful in the garden, is thriving in the pot. Aside from the snail attack.
How was your weekend?


  1. I am so happy to have just discovered your blog! It's beautiful!

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying Simplicity Parenting. Honestly, I was using a highlighter the whole way through so I could go back and easily find all those 'ahah!' moments. We've had more luck with basil in pots, too. Lately in a 'water well' style that holds water in its base has been fabulous. I find basil can take all kinds of heat so long as it has enough water. Also, being in a pot helps keep some of the bugs away... although not all!

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend. That book looks great - will have to hunt down one to read. Our poor tomatoes are not liking the extreme heat here in Perth at the moment. Glad to hear your vegetables are doing so well.

  4. I love the picture of the garden! Makes me feel slightly warm inside...considering it is supposed to get down to -29 C here tomorrow, that is quite a feat! Hope you are having a lovely day!


  5. I am loving that shrug. The colour is gorgeous. I have had absolutely no luck with basil this year at all.

    That book looks interesting. We have been doing a lot less parental intervention at our house of late. It's made things a lot less stressful allowing them to solve their own problems if they have been of a small nature. It's been fascinating listening to them developing their negotiating skills.

  6. Lazy weekends are the best sort!! Lovely photo's as usual!!

  7. Love the colour of the shrug and your pics tell a wonderful story as usual!
    That material looks interesting!I hear you on the long to appreciate as long as they occur!!!

  8. New gumboots, lucky Julia, and pink my favourite.
    Ohh a new sewing project, I wonder what it is.
    My weekend was spent packing and cleaning, made good progress so a very satisfying couple of days. x

  9. Been following your lovely blog for a few weeks now and thought I'd better say hi.
    I have just stared blogging myself, yours was surely one that inspired me to finally do so.

  10. Am reading Simplicity Parenting too. Think it's a lovely, gentle and very manageable approach (from my very limited parental experience, mind you!)...always a pleasure to pop back into your blog and see snippets of your life. a breath of fresh air and pretty things :)

  11. I just went and ordered Simplicity Parenting after seeing it on your blog. I had seen it around and heard good things, so thank you for the prompt! Can't wait for it to arrive!! xx

  12. I like the sound of that book Tania. I'm almost finished Buddha for Mothers so I'm on the lookout for another book to start reading. Sleeping babies is always so beautiful to look and to enjoy that extra time too:) I look forward to seeing what you're making there. xx


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