Tuesday, January 31, 2012

birthday girl

It was 7 years ago on Saturday that we welcomed our Miss Julia into the world. 

I remember the night we brought her home. She was two days old. I was exhausted. So exhausted that I just had to sleep. But  I could not because of a hungry baby that was waiting for milk to come in. Around midnight Daniel said he would take her downstairs. Not long afterwards she fell asleep in his arms. I remember drifting off to sleep thinking that everything was going to be okay.


It was too hot to bake a cake on the day of Julia's birthday. So we waited until the next day.

Julia asked for a caramel cake. I found an old Women's Weekly recipe for Butterscotch Teacake. The icing proved to be rather addictive.

Then I realized I had no candles. So I poked a rose into the middle. Julia didn't seem to mind.

She lost her front tooth the same day.

I think she likes her new bike. Happy 7th birthday Julia.


  1. A new bike is the perfect Birthday present.
    I think a butterscotch cake may be my birthday request too now. x

  2. It sounds like a lovely, gentle way to celebrate the day.

  3. happy birthday Julia! I love the rose in the cake - very attractive!

  4. Happy birthday Julia! The best kind of birthdays - the kind that has gentle memories attached to it.

  5. Happy birthday to your big girl!

    I knew I recogonized that cake, it's one of my favorites!

  6. The birthday girl looks pretty impressed with both cake and bike :)
    Happy Birthday Miss Julia.

  7. I bet Julia loved the streamers on the side of the handlebars the best...I remember mine, I loved them...and so did my little girl..

  8. Happy 7th birthday to your sweet girl:) The cake looks delicious and I think the rose is the best topping ever. It was my little ones birthday yesterday, she turned 8, hasn't the time gone by so fast. xx

  9. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY Julia!

    They grow up so fast dont they?

    That cake looks soooo nice!


  10. Happy Birthday Julia! That girl of yours has such a gorgeous head of hair. Butterscotch icing, mmmmm!

  11. The cake looks delicious! Happy birthday Julia....enjoy! xxx

  12. She looks completely chuffed with herself - what a trifecta for the tooth the cake and the bike! melx

  13. Happy Birthday from the other side of the world!

    Seven is such a lovely age. When I was teaching, the 6/7 year old age group was always my favourite. Children of that age are so full of fun, imagination and a sense of wonder about the world.

  14. Happy 7th Birthday to your lovely Julia xx What a cute cake. Love that big rose in the middle. Who needs candles when you have a gorgy rose?

    This post made me think about the last time I made a caramel cake. I have been taunted and teased by my family for the icing ever since. It turned rock hard!! {lovely family they are...not!!}.

    My Dad, the builder type, still, to this day (the cake saga was about 2 yers ago now) says to me: Yeh, you had to pre-drill the holes for the candles!" and "When I threw the rest of the cake over the verandah to the birds it nearly chipped my paint work" - funny! Not! (well, just a little, maybe).
    I bet yours was nothing like my caramel mess. xx

  15. Hello! I've just started reading your blog (hope you don't mind!) I am enjoying the photos and journaling very much.
    Happy Birthday to your little one.

  16. Love the rose. Sweet, thoughtful touch x

  17. Wow my Mum used to make that exact cake....I can just imagine the taste and texture!! I'm sure it will be a popular recipe :)


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