Tuesday, January 24, 2012


They say that boredom leads to creativity. It's taken several weeks, but the boredom claims and sneaking in of screen time has gradually been replaced with play of the creative kind.

Crazy hair styles. Dress ups. Dancing. Blanket cubby houses.

It's a shame they go back next week.


  1. Mine went back this morning and the house feels so empty without them. Enjoy your last week of holidays!

  2. nothing beats creative play tania. this is wonderful. gorgeous photos. xo.

  3. Im not looking forward to next week, it takes time to bring them back to you over the holidays and then its time to send them back to the rattiness of school again....although its hard work sometimes with the three of them home, I do love it when they are all here around me...so hot here in Adelaide pool play is taking up most days....the paddle pool and plastic sea creatures is on the agenda today...

  4. Violet doesn't look very impresses in the second photo.
    Dress ups were my favourite as a youngster as was building cubby houses. x

  5. I don't want them to go back to school!!! I'm so glad others feel the same as me.

    I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing. I found it in a list of 'local' and 'likeminded' blogs somewhere.

    May I ask a question please? I notice your son's hair is a little longer than 'short back and sides' - so is my son's hair, and we love it. The only problem is, I have noticed, at least at my son's school, a distinct difference in the perceptions of my son when his hair is longer-looking, as opposed to when it is shorter. Do you find that at all? Do you get their hair cut before school starts back? I am in two minds with this - I don't see why we should have to cut his hair when he likes it that way, but I also don't want life to be any harder than it already is for my son, simply because of a haircut.

    I'd appreciate any advice on this! Thanks again for your great blog.

  6. Hi Psylova, Thanks for your comment. I haven't had any problem really with Luca's hair and school.. apart from the cooking teacher saying he needed to tie it up - so he got a haircut that week, but still longer than short back and sides. There a small handful of boys with similar hairstyles in our small school of about 40, and so they don't really stand out. I can imagine it may be a little different in a bigger school. Which is a shame because we really all shouldn't look the same, and at the same time I understand your concerns. Perhaps a longish short cut?
    I do love longer hair on boys though!

  7. Oh these are just the best sort of holiday moments aren't they. I just spent yesterday helping to assembly 5 superhero costumes for Roboboy and his neighbours to wear for the street Aust day party, so so fun. melx

  8. They certainly look like a happy bunch! Creative play is the best


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