Wednesday, January 25, 2012


  1. freshly washed op shop fabrics
  2. first time using Debbie Bliss
  3. favourite cups
  4. lounge in a not so tidy state
  5. feed time
  6. ravelled
  7. op shopped tin
  8. verandah time

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Number 5...perfectly beautiful

  2. Oh there's nothing better than freshly laundered thrifted linens. Love them hanging up on the line drying in the sunshine.
    And I'd have to agree with Lea on photo No.5.

  3. Feeding is always one of the things I miss the most.
    Funny you should mention looking at the Ecoyarns, I've been contemplating trying that Debbie Bliss range, where did you order from?
    Our lounge is in a similar state at the moment :)

  4. Hi Tammi :) Got mine from Calico & Ivy (was also ordering a little fabric for a project at the same time..) here :

  5. the one thing with all of your photos is the love & happiness of home that shows. it is beautiful tania. have a lovely day. xo.

  6. I LOVE the old tin container! I have some neat tins that I have collected over the years we've been married. Perhaps Scott and I will be able to check out some thrift shops on our little adventure and I can find some unique little tins to add to my collection this Saturday.

  7. All looks good to me...I miss feed time...

  8. Oh, I miss babies! Your feed time photo is so beautiful. The Debbie Bliss yarn looks so lovely and soft. Nice op shop finds too.

    Happy knitting!

  9. Love your little snippets of life :)
    That shiny metallic mug always reminds me of my Nan, she still drinks her coffee out of one :)

  10. Those mugs always remind me of childhood!
    Love the pics and glad someone else has a messy lounge today too...raining buckets here so inevitable really!Not sure what has happened to our summer!!
    Enjoy the enforced Mummy rest at feedtime!!

  11. Oh how lovely! Those mugs - we had those growing up. That tea tin - I want!!!! Love the feed time photo. So lovely to cherish those times. Happy days, Tania:)

  12. My mum has the same mugs! Beautiful photos :)

  13. just happened upon your blog. LOVE it! So pretty everything is :-)

  14. My mum used to own some of those mugs that look exactly like yours. I remember having hot milo drinks in them when I was a kid. I dont know what she ever did with them, might have to ask her!


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