Monday, January 9, 2012

from the weekend

At our place the weekdays seem to be merging seamlessly into the weekends. So much so that we usually forget what day it is around here. Of course, the other result of this is that the holidays are passing us by so quickly. Time has flown. With the hubby returning to work this week, this part of our holiday is now over.


  1. hi tania. i know what you mean with the days rolling into one. peter also returns to work this week. it has been nice having him about the house with us. just me and the kids now for a couple of weeks before i return myself. love your photos. your kids look like they are enjoying themselves. xo.

  2. If only holidays could last forever!

  3. I think puppy dog is trying to train Violet early into ball throwing.
    Julia is going well with her sewing I see.
    Lovely photos. x

  4. The holidays have gone much too quickly. My husband goes back on Wednesday.

    I love the old (pewter?) mug that you keep your cutlery in, it brings back fond memories of drinking cordial at my grandparents house when I was little.

  5. Lovely photos! Looks like Violet is getting mobile :)

  6. Julia looks like she's still loving her sewing:) It would be lovely to have them home all the time wouldn't it. The holidays do fly by too fast, the girls have just 2 weeks left:(. x

  7. Lovely pics always tell a story so well with photos!Julia iscertainly building some crafting skills!!

  8. I think that is the thing I adore most about the holidays...losing all track of time and just doing as one pleases with no commitments or routine to follow :)
    I love how enthusiastic Julia is about her sewing, it's gorgeous to see.
    That yellow yarn is just lovely..what brand is it?
    Enjoy the remainder of your holidays Tania, they will unfortunately be over before you know it.

  9. lovely snippets of your holidays tania!


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