Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

Hello all on this day that is our Australia Day.

To be honest, I've never really celebrated Australia Day before. I'm embarrassed to admit that it fell in that meaningless public holiday category for me.

But not this year. I googled. I found this.

And I think what I learnt is that there are no rules for celebrating Australia Day. It's what you want to make it.

storm last week

So this day you will find us doing a little barbequing, pavlova eating and mini flag waving.

And hoping that the Australia our kids inherit is recognisable as the one we ourselves inherited.

What are your plans today?


  1. Happy Australia Day Tania, Pavlova on our Menu today too, and Lamb on the BBQ. We'll be celebrating at home today with the blow up pool and Australia Day Tattoos...Bit of a tradition for us. Enjoy your day, maybe the start of some new traditions for you too... :)
    Have Fun!

  2. How exciting...Happy Australia Day to you! I wish I was there celebrating your great country.

  3. WOW! That looks like quite a storm. Here we'd be watching for tornadoes. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

  4. Happy Australia Day Tania.
    Pavolova. I am envious. That is one of my faves. I too admit that I have never been one to fully celebrate Aust Day. For me, it could be because my birthday falls on the 27th so I often use the public holiday for house cleaning or preparing anything I might need for my birthday. Today, will be a domestic day. I've just put some figs, apricots and plums in the food dehydrator. I am just about to bake some bread. I will then start to think about making some dips for tomorrow.
    Enjoy your day.
    Sarah :)

  5. Doing nothing here in Darwin. It's been very windy and raining for 2 days. With the Botanical Gardens closed I can't even garden at my plot. Due to the weather some Australia Day events have been cancelled.

    I'm returning to work tomorrow after 4 weeks off. Just want to do nothing. But boredom is setting in with my little one. Too many branches and trees have come down to take her safely to a playground.

  6. Happy Australia Day Tania...we are having a lazy day...not much else to do with all the rain around and unfortunately my teen didn't make it home yesterday from her Dad's as flights were cancelled due to the rain so we are minus a family member to celebrate!
    However, we will still have our traditional lamb roast and pav for dessert and the twins are having fun in their Australia day hats!I think we are all so lucky to live in this country!!
    Have a good one xx

  7. Happy Australia Day all.
    Hot and humid here in Brisbane but we are having the traditional barbie today never the less. Sadly many events have been cancelled, so we are just enjoying being at home.

  8. happy australia day tania. a quiet one in our home. always has been really. happy to be with the family...most of who right now are sleeping while i enjoy a quiet cuppa. pretty happy with that. no pavlova here today so please have a slice for me. love that stuff. xo

  9. We had a really nice home up after our floods yesterday and listening to the triple j hottest 100. I had cups of coffee with friends and leisurely moved into my new office/workroom. Even though I am proudly Australian I don't really celebrate it in the usual sense - I am constantly grateful that Australia is my home!!!
    Would have loved some pavlova though. ♥Jo

  10. Happy Australia Day tania.
    I agree, I hope for a future that slows down a little that looks back on it self more, that learns from past mistakes and that moves into a future that is sustainable and less keeping up with the Jones's.
    I wish now though that I'd made a Pav, but too many sore tummies here in our house :(


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