Thursday, June 9, 2011

creative space - blanket

Our modular lounge has been part of our home for over a year now, and with the wear and tear of three kids to think about, we've been covering the seating cushions with throws and woolen blankets. One stretch of the lounge is rather long and required several blankets. Of which I was getting quite weary untangling and smoothing out several times a day.

Then one day in the op shop I spotted a few old woolen blankets that had seen better days. I decided to rescue them as I just couldn't resist the pretty colours. And then I thought of my blanket conundrum. And so three old, holey blankets were made into one very big one.

Some (rather bulky) patchwork sewing

One and a half vintage sheets

Making it reversible for summer

Just had to leave the little name tag in there

Did you notice that I put two pink squares together? Let's just pretend I did that on purpose.

Very warm and comfy and giving me a 50's vibe with it's colours.

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  1. Fantastic idea! The wool will wear so well (oooh, tongue twister!)

  2. The colors are so pretty together! Yes total 50s vibe..I love it!

  3. It's so lovely that you've left the name tag on one of the green squares - it's a little piece of the past and I would have had to do the same! :-)

    I think it will wear really well and making it reversible is a really smart move as you can flip it over whenever you fancy a change

    Jem xXx

  4. Great idea nd wouldnt have noted the 2 pinks if you hadnt said so lol

  5. You have done a fantastic job with this blanket Tania, love your ingenuity and talent.

    The colours look good together along with the large squares...

    I too didn't notice the two pinks together until you mentioned it lol

  6. I adore your blanket Tania and I think it's lovely that you left the little name tag on.

    So glad I found your blog btw...

  7. Looks wonderful! I think you did a great job...I'm still scared of the sewing machine. Love the idea of making it double sided. :)

  8. Looks fantastic and warm

  9. Love this idea - perfect for winter x

  10. It looks great Tania, so warm and cosy. You've done a beautiful job. xo

  11. What a great idea...I have a stash of blankets I wasn't sure what to do with. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great blanket, love seeing your big kids adoring that gorgeous baby. We had a maximum of 13 degrees here today in Brisbane which is almost unheard of (really bites with thin wooden walls, no house heating and lack of coats). My recent oppy gelati blanket has been appreciated by all family members including the cat! melx

  13. looks great Tania, so handy and so easy to throw into the washing machine.

  14. great colours. and love the recycling component.
    And you did it with three little ones-most impressive!

  15. Your patchwork throw is fab...totally loving the versatility of a summer and winter side :)
    and it will wear well too.



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