Thursday, June 23, 2011

the novice knitter's cardi

Fresh off the needles is my first finished little cardigan. I know just where all the little mistakes are, but I'm giving myself a little pat on the back for coming this far, though progress has been slow.
I started knitting not quite a year ago, and having a baby in that time did slow things down somewhat.

It fits a little long in the arms, but that's fine. Room to grow. I lengthened the original pattern a little to accommodate a chubby little tummy.

I learned a great deal with this pattern. Buttonholes, picking up stitches, decreasing and more. The design of the pattern with the yoke being all in one, made it very quick to seam together.

I really must set up a proper profile with Ravelry, but until then here are the details:

Pattern :  Classic Cardigan from The Ultimate book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss  (9-12 months size)
Yarn : Hand dyed  4 ply wool/bamboo blend from Evoke in Apple Drift
Buttons : assorted vintage pearly buttons from my button jar

And of course just perfect for snuggling with big sisters

Speaking of knitting, and of yesterday's post, I think I may have finally got this knitting in the round thing. With double pointed needles. Though it did take quite a bit of frustration, lot's and lot's of unraveling and wondering if I would ever get it. Feeling that I did not have enough hands and finding it very hard to co-ordinate all the needles. But I stubbornly persisted, refusing to let it get the better of me. I'm getting there.

Circular needles now look a whole lot less scarier than they did a few days ago. I'm assuming they shouldn't be too hard after tackling the double ended needles? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good circular needle? I must admit that felt a little overwhelmed last time I looked for one online.

Hoping that your Thursday is a pleasant one.


  1. It's wonderful... and V looks so gorgeous in it. I wish I could knit. Unfortunately, making something like this eludes me

  2. Good job! Baby stuff is a good start, its small, so goes quickly.

    I use rubber bands at the ends of the currently not in use ends of double pointed needles to keep from loosing my knitting of the far end. Its clunky, but it works. I'm still a beginner at knitting... my knitting-fu is still very small.

  3. she looks lovely in her new cardi! Sorry but I have no knitting tips - I just don't have the patience for it at the moment. My kids behave like two kittens if I try and get wool out and start batting the balls of wool around the house!

  4. It's gorgeous! And I think she ;looks pretty proud of her mama too.
    I've always used random circs that I've picked up in oppies but my MIL gave me a pack of KnitPro interchangeables recently and they are fab!

  5. Oh, how cute! Looks perfect to me. There's nothing better than seeing a child in a hand knitted cardi. Well done!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  6. I think you did a wonderful job and it looks so cute on your baby girl.I don't have the patience for knitting. I usually try knitting something about once every 5 years lol. I did knit quite a lot of baby things before I had a family of my own but it just isn't my thing.

  7. Oh well done, to manage all those new things in one cardi, you are very clever!And the colour is gorgeous. Missed your post yesterday with life becoming a little more hectic than usual but admire your perseverance with the double pointed needles. I knitted for the first time with circular needles last year and although tricky to begin with it became enjoyable and no seams at the end to sew up is a bonus!

  8. What a gorgeous little did a brilliant job Tania and well done for acknowledging the great effort you put into it :)

    I learnt to knit in the round on double pointed too but once you use a circular you will never look back.

    You'll be a pro knitter in no time.


  9. oh wow, great job, you have done so well! I love the colour and sweet model:)

  10. How funny, I just borrowed this book from the library to knit a jumper for ginger. Great job. the green is gorgeous.

  11. Well done! I think it is just perfect.
    I love a longer sleeve, not only is it great to grow into and extra snuggly but my kids seem to have monkey arms and they need the extra length.

  12. what a lovely cardigan for your beautiful baby girl! you have inspired me to finish the scarf i started 2 almost years ago :)

  13. Tania, fantasic, isn't it satisfying to look back and say "I knitted that!"

    I can see more knitting coming on, there will be no stopping you. Have you ever seen ant Kaffe Fassett books. Inspirational is the only word for it. He does knitting, embroidery, and loads of other stuff.


  14. I'm on borrowed internet time yet again, can't wait to get my laptop delivered! But I had to come for a quick visit. I love that cardi! Your little one looks so sweet in it.

    I've tried my hand at circulars recently and also did not have enough hands or patience. If you find a way to work it out, please share? :)

  15. hi tania
    wow those little cardigan is perfect.the green color is wonderful.
    greetings from germany,

  16. circular needles are much much easier than dp'll love them :)

    and great job!!

  17. Oh the colour. Its gorgeous as our your girls.

  18. Wow you've done an amazing job for a novice knitter you must be very chuffed with your work and your sweet possum loves it too. xo


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