Monday, June 6, 2011

kitchen shelves and a cassoulet

I had one of those crazy ideas to rearrange the kitchen shelves on Saturday. I regretted it that night when I looked around at the disarray of dishes, bowls and whatever else, taking up every inch of counter space. Not to mention the years worth of sticky dust that had accumulated. Thank goodness some kind of normality had returned by Sunday night. At which point it was too late to take any 'after' photos.

Most things were shuffled around, a few went into the storage cupboard of the pantry, while the mixing bowls came out of the cupboard and onto the shelves.

I think I have a problem of tiring of objects far too easily, and as a result need to change them around fairly frequently. Most of the time I swap things around, but sometimes a few months or even a year of banishing to the storage cupboard can make them feel fresh and new again.

As for weekend food, well,  I picked up Donna Hay's magazine (one I don't usually buy) and cooked up the chicken and chorizo cassoulet. It was quite a hit. And not only did Saturday nights dinner, but Sunday lunch as well.  Now I'm eying off a few of the other recipes in there, particularly those rice puddings.

 I do hope you all had warm and cozy weekend.


  1. Oh it's been warm all right... 99*F to be more accurate. I got up early and worked in the garden each day before the sun got too high in the sky. WHEW! It's H-O-T here. Our Summer has definitely arrived. I need to do the same thing - re-organize and clean out the kitchen cabinets.

  2. Hello Tania i've just discovered your blog over on Her Library Adventures.

    I know what you mean about re-organising your space...we are in the throws of sorting things out and everything seems to get tons worse before it gets better!

    I love your mix of vintage, home baking, family and books...all things I love.

    I'll now be keenly reading Ivy Nest.

    Have a good Monday,
    Deb :o)

  3. Love the retro canisters I can spy in the background of one of your pics (have a real thing for canisters!)...It was chilly here over the weekend - particularly Sunday night, so I brewed some chai, threw some blankets on the sofa and we settled in for a cosy night in front of The Kennedy's while the winds whistled outside.x

  4. you got a lot of nice wares, the bottles are lovely. I find packing very therapeutic, and gives you some sense of achievement. It's nice to swap your wares, it makes your everyday routine a little more interesting.


  5. hi there, enjoying your blog.

    you've made me nostalgic for good Spanish chorizo!


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