Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday links

Five links of inspiration and ideas to enjoy at your leisure this weekend

  1. Bib tutorial (this one I will be using very soon).
  2. Could I have found my next knitting project? I am very tempted to jump on the cowl bandwagon with this project here.
  3. Very much liking this embroidery PDF.
  4. Remember all that talk about extending the life of kid's clothes? This is one idea that I will be trying in the future.
  5. How delicious does this look?

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    1. Ooh thank's for the link to the kids clothes mending; Punk sometimes looks as though she's a mini-hulk with regard to her pants legs... need to fix that!

    2. Beautiful image, are they acorns?? Love Posie

    3. I started crocheting a cowl last much faster than knitting :)

      That embroidery is adorable and what a great idea about extending the life of children's clothes...something I am sure generations before us did all the time.

      btw...I love smitten kitchen too.

      Enjoy your weekend.

    4. Posie - yes they are acorns collected during one of my son's soccer games.

    5. That knitting looks so tricky!

    6. hi tania
      thanks for the wonderful links.
      i think the next knitting project is a shawl.
      have a wonderful weekend,

    7. I just visited the bib tutorial and I would place my fabric right side together and pin the pattern to bothe layers and only have to cut once and it would all ready be right sides together and ready to head to your sewing machine. It would save some time this way. Off to visit the other links. ;)

    8. OH>>> you could also add a pocket to the front (colorful print) toward the bottom of the bid to catch food so it never reaches the floor. You would add this pocket before you sewed the layers together... I need to go dig through my stash as I know I've bought terry remnants and I have loads of fun prints. I'm thinking these would make GREAT gifts.

    9. Tania, thanks for linking to my tutorial! I am very glad to know others might find some inspiration in things I share. I sure love the inspiration I get around blogland :-)

    10. I just borrowed Robinson Crusoe from the library! Seems a bit full on, considering I usually read chick-lit to go to sleep with!


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