Thursday, June 2, 2011

little moments

In my day to day life, amongst the general ups and downs of rushed mornings, daily chores and distracted thoughts, the days often seem to pass by in a blur. It's those daily, insignificant little moments though, that can bring a little joy into our life. For me, taking daily photos has awakened myself to appreciate the smaller things in everyday life, that I may have otherwise passed by, or quickly forgotten.

Today I am appreciating...

simple rock cakes

kid's art (though the poor tablecloth did not fare well)

new fabric in the mail

experimental bread dough with the addition of brown rice flour

 Still managing to harvest the occasional greens from a vegie garden that fell victim to frost months ago

Washing finally drying

And firewood that seems too pretty to burn

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday.


  1. There is so much beauty in the simplest of things!

    Jem xXx

  2. It's amazing how blogging has reminded me to enjoy the simple things in life...things that I was starting to take for granted.

    Your little moments have made me smile :)


  3. I try to carry my camera everywhere I go as you never know what small wonder you will find on your daily adventures.

  4. Another simply great post Tania.

    I find I take photos of things now that I would not have a few years ago. I have grown to love the simple pictures like you show us through this blog...

    Have a great week,


  5. I love your photos, they are beautiful. I think the teeny bits I have seen of your house make a lovely backdrop- would love to see more. That shot of the washing on the line is fantastic.melx

  6. Ooooh, sweet, sweet fabric!....and lovely snippets. x

  7. Tania I love your photos and they are a reminder to cherish the simple moments in each day. I haven't baked or eaten home made rock cakes for years - many yummy memories! I loved the photo of your washing on the line - all those wonderful bright colours! Have a lovely weekend filled with more 'little moments'.

  8. You always have such amazing photos. Good light and angles. I too carry my camera nearly everywhere...there is so much beauty and marvel to be seen even in the simplest of things. Great post.

  9. rock cakes = the best. love this colourful and inspiring post.

  10. The little moments are often the most important. A wonderful selection of moments in your day. xo


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