Wednesday, June 8, 2011

extra rearranging

And because I couldn't stop at the kitchen shelves, here are a few more little rearrangements...

 My favourite little cupboard has been moved out of the spare room and is now in the main living area. It sits beside a large pottery piece (bottle? jug? What is the correct term?) from my Nanna and Pop's shed. That shed was a veritable treasure trove in it's day, though Nanna thought it was full of junk. It's where Mum rescued a vintage cream and green enamel canister set (with writing!) from. Nanna and Pop are no longer with us, and it's nice to have little reminders of them around the house.

I found the flour canister.

I seem to have quite a number of old bottles now. If only I had some cut flowers to add to them. But I need to wait until the plants I have not yet planted, flower. Will get there. One day.


  1. Really lovely. You have quite the stylist's eye. I like your attitude re flowers not yet planted. I have a similar attitude surrounding money...

  2. Your home is so lovely! I love your sense of style and the way the colours pop against the clean neutral backdrop of your walls and floor. I always leave here feeling inspired :)

  3. You have so many beautiful things. I wish my shelves looked like this. Is see we share a love of nigella books x

  4. Oh your home looks so friendly and inviting and vintage. I really enjoy the shelves with the neatly arranged clear jars. It would make me want to bake and cook just because everything was so readily accessible!

  5. It looks so beautiful and organised Tania. I love all of those old bottles you've collected, such pretty colours. xo

  6. What a lovely kitchen. I have just found your blog and have spent brief moments of the weekend reading it. I love it. I just had to comment and say, the metal canisters with the mustard coloured flowers, I have the bread bin that matches the set. I found it in a op shop a couple of years ago. I couldn't leave it as it was so beautifully kitsch. I think we had a matching bin when we were growing up but can't remember for sure.


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