Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday song

I grew up in house where music was pretty constantly on the record player. I was also amongst a family of surfers and spent a great deal of my childhood at the beach. This song brings back lot's of memories of a simpler time.


  1. The simpler days seem so long ago - it's getting easier here... thank goodness! xx Rach

    I blogged about a hard time long ago just this morning. Hope your day is sunny!

  2. My husband grew up in a house of amazing music, ours was not cool at all, my mother had terrible taste with Julio & Englbert, oh please!! Love Posie

  3. Oh for those simple times again. After a busy day I am sitting here with a glass of Red Wine and enjoying that film clip has totally relaxed this old soul. Thank you

  4. I think the simple times were great too, or the olden days as we joke here;) My parents used to listen to the Beach Boys and always put on Saturday night juke box, boy it felt like torture at the time but I suppose it's like that now for my girls except the 80's music is much better than my parents music;) xo


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