Friday, June 10, 2011


clear winter skies

colourful thrifted vintage knits

finding just the right corner for my gifted oil painting (painted by my mum!)

watching as Violet explores by touching anything she can

after school pikelets

new old doilies

midday ice

a new cookbook

playing with new fabric

and these three little people

Have a lovely Friday


  1. A lovely Friday to you too Tania - but I know it will be, your place always looks so comfy cozy... when can I move in?

    Pikelets.... mmmmmmm!

  2. Brrr! Look at the frozen ice, and at midday!

    That is a beautiful picture that your mum painted, it looks just right where you have placed it...Love the other photos too, the pikelets look yum, I might make some when my son gets home from school today.

    You have a nice weekend with your family Tania.

  3. That ice is amazing! Couldn't help but notice a very cute doggy silhouette in the pic too :)

  4. Yes, I only saw that after I posted it :)

  5. So much to covet here, including your mother. She's a regular Margaret Olley. Then there's the cookbook, which I see is stocked in a book shop near me, Yardage Design, which I've never heard of, and now love. You can keep the midday ice though.

  6. Your mum's paiting is lovely, I'm a big fan of art with a green theme. Coveting one at this very moment. Did think that the very plain lightshade would look spectacular with a fabric makeover. has just posted on the how to's. I have one half finished for my little girl. That icicle is superb, surpised your kids haven't snapped it off to crunch on while watching telly. We had a maximum temp of 13 degrees yesterday. As we all live in inappropriate houses with no heating and barely own a coat it feels like we are living in Lapland. melx

  7. I love all the pics in your post Tania...that little mustard cardie and that painting most especially.

  8. I always enjoy looking at the photos from your life and this crop is especially good. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What lovely things to enjoy!
    That icicle is incredible! I have been eyeing the Martha cookbook for awhile, must track down a copy :)

  10. Just found your delightful blog via a mention on Rhonda's Down to Earth blog.

    Lucky you having a long weekend because of the Queen's birthday - no such luck here in the UK.

    It's wonderful to look through your photos and to see how life is on the other side of the world. Have only visited Australia once but absolutely LOVED it!

  11. tania - have had a wonderful wander through your blog - you have a most worthy collection of vintage that has made me green with envy.
    Enjoy your chilly long weekend :)

    P.S. glad you left that little tag on the remade blanket

  12. I love everything about this post ... and seriously - how cute are your kids!!!

  13. It all looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you end up making with the fabric!


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