Monday, June 20, 2011

on the weekend

The sun came out

The hugabub came in very handy for Luca's soccer game that we walked and rode to  (photo by Julia)

A break from tradition with our Sunday breakfast (it seems I forgot to buy maple syrup... I was not too popular with Luca, but his dad was quite happy)

Our verandah went up. Not too far from being finished now

I realized Julia needs new gumboots

A huge bagful of daffodils and jonquils planted (a gift from a kind neighbour)


It was certainly one very busy weekend. But a lot was accomplished, some of which had been procrastinated for quite a while. It does feel good to get some things ticked off the list. Feeling very grateful for my hard working hubby.

Hope you are all having a great start to the week.


  1. Renovations can be so time consuming - but it looks like you've made a family weekend out of it! I love the photo of your daughter on the bike! cute :) Thank you for commenting over at my place and leading me here...
    x claire

  2. Glad to hear the sun shone for a while for you on the weekend. We are having nice mild weather at the moment with a bit of rain hopefully this afternoon as it has been a while.

    Your veranda is coming along nicely, should be nice to sit under when the weather warms up a bit.


  3. Looks like another lovely weekend at your place, can't wait to see the daffodils and jonquils in bloom. They'll certainly brighten up the place. Thats one bonus to cold weather, we can't grow them well at all here in QLD :)

  4. SOunds like a lovely productive weekend. The daffodils and jonquils sound like they will make spring glorious in your part of the world.

  5. we had lovely sunshine too. Such a nice change from the grey skies and rain.
    That poached egg is making me hungry. It looks delicious!

  6. The veranda is looking great. Your pictures always make simple little things in life look so lovely


  7. A very busy weekend indeed. We put on a verandah a few years ago. What a difference they make. I love the look of your house!

  8. Isn't working outside in the winter sunshine just so wonderful? Your verandah is looking great, I love that the external wall is corrugated iron as well. melx

  9. It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you can tick things off the never ending list isn't it?
    Glad you had a bit of sunshine to brighten your weekend.


  10. I always enjoy the photos you post. The angle and lighting are always so lovely. Also, I really enjoy the little snapshots of a life from the other side of the world. It is neat. This batch was especially grand because it also includes a photo of lovely YOU! I know how it is to be the photo-taker....few photos of yourself. But that makes them all the more delightful I think. (Good work Julia!)


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