Thursday, April 7, 2011

Autumn Blouse

In our little corner of the world we are beginning to feel the first hint of Autumn. There is a cooler crispness in the air. The poplars have their first hint of that rich yellow and the morning fogs have returned. I just love Autumn. I think it has to be my favourite season.

So it was the perfect excuse to sew something up for the season. After a little break it was time for my sewing machine to see the light of day. So I dusted it off, and pulled out my newest library book. The sizes only go up to a 5 and Julia is more like a 6 or 7, so I made the pattern a little bigger. It was very easy to sew up and the instructions and diagrams were very clear.

It was my first attempt at  making a fabric flower. It was not as difficult as I had imagined. Mind you, they could have been done a little neater. But it's all about the learning process, isn't it?
The fabric was originally thrifted, with the flower made from a vintage sheet and pillowcase.

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  1. That blouse is nearly as gorgeous as your daughter :) I love the colour on her.
    We have rain here this morning and I am in heaven.

  2. Aw, very cute & perfect for the cooler mornings.

  3. I too love autumn, my evenings naturally become more tranquil and it is nearly time to bring out the coats, hats, scarves etc. I love the fabric flower and autumn blouse. Also intrigued as to what your animals are doing there in the background.

  4. What a lovely top - the colour is beautiful!

  5. Julia looks like she loves her new top, you've done a beautiful job. It's so rewarding when you make clothes for your children, I think getting in there and giving it a go is the only way to get better and I think you are always learning. My problem is that I avoid things and don't make enough but I've got to stop worrying about making mistakes:) Your place looks lovely too. xo

  6. Wow, so well done! I'd love to make clothes for mine, In fact my 4 yr old has a top on today that I love and it's always so sad when they grow out of the sweet ones. That book looks like a gem. ~ Alisa

  7. It looks great and the model seems to love it and that is the highest compliment and the most important thing of all.


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