Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the garden

I think no childhood is complete without having a home vegie patch. To dig in the dirt, plant the seeds, rip out the weeds and of course, taste the vegetables straight off the plant. There is no better way to educate them on understanding where their food comes from.

I feel strongly about our connection with food and the value of it in our lives. I try my best to feed our children as healthily as possible.  It is one of the very best gifts that we can give to them.
Once upon a time, I used to buy quite a few processed foods. I used to make cakes and dinners from scratch, but would buy biscuits, pastry, bread and a bottle or two of soft drink a week. Takeaway food was several times a week. The process of moving to a healthier diet was a gradual process. I read a number of books...started a vegie garden in the rental we were in at the time and started going to farmers markets.

Nowadays I cook most things from scratch - bread, dinners, cakes, biscuits, pastry and desserts. At the moment this is all I can manage - but I would like to add to this in the future. I've come to see the health benefits. I feel we are much healthier as a family...rarely sick these days. When there is no junk in the house, the kid's will eat what is there. Good, simple food cooked from scratch. Vegetables straight out of the garden. It is a never ending challenge really. Being busy can put things on the back burner. But I do try and make this a number one priority in our life.


  1. These are such great pictures! Your veggie patch puts mine to shame!! Thankfully we're part of an organic veggie co-op so I don't have to rely on my harvest (or lack there of)!!!I couldn't agree more about ditching the processed food and making from scratch. That pizza looks delicious!

  2. I agree! I believe that we all should get in closer touch with where our food comes from and how it is prepared. I applaud you for your efforts with your children; they will have many happy memories of all this when they are grown.

  3. Kudos! I wholeheartedly agree.

    Your garden and children are lovely! This post makes me happy. We need all the children like yours we can get!

    I know that we have had similar gradual movements in this direction at our household over the past few years. We are certainly better for it. And, I love it! I love my (sometimes) challenging life. The challenges from canning to figuring out where to hang clothes to dry on a rainy day, are wonderful opportunities to learn and grow and appreciate the simple things. I love baking my own bread and cakes from scratch. I love serving people food I've grown and prepared. I am richer for giving up "conveniences." I wouldn't trade it back for anything.

    I am glad your family is benefiting in so many ways.

  4. Totally agree!!
    I have always cooked from scratch as my mother and grandmothers did...I just couldn't justify paying for processed or convenience foods when it could be made for a fraction of the price and I love knowing exactly what my family is consuming. Takeaways are a very rare treat as in maybe twice a year.
    We had a veggie patch in NZ thanks to my parents and it is something we are attempting here with little success at the moment.
    Living as self sufficienly as possible has always been a dream of mine that I hope one day will be reached.
    I love your garden, it's brimming with goodness.


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