Thursday, April 14, 2011

A table runner of sorts

We have this dining table, that has served us well over the past few years, but of which I've never been terribly fond of.  I'm still dreaming of that farmhouse table that I'm yet to find.

But meanwhile, to brighten up the existing table, I quickly sewed up this assortment of yellow fabrics from my stash...vintage sheeting, old tablecloth and scraps. I have never done any actual quilting. I've cut  and sewn fabrics together in a patchwork kind of way. So that is what I've kind of done here. There was no measuring or tracing and I couldn't find my scissors, so used kitchen scissors instead (oh dear) . Then I thought..let's practice some quilting patterns. So it was all quite rough with trial and error. But, at the same time, it does brighten up the space. Which is the main thing, isn't it?


  1. I love it! I've been thinking about doing something similar for our 'kids' table - did you put a backing on it? I couldn't decide whether to back it or if not how to finish the seams (I don't have an overlocker :( )

  2. Yes, I backed it in the floral print, top picture on the left. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that.

  3. Now that is my kind of sewing :)
    It's gorgeous!!

    Loving your new header too


  4. good on you! that's what i'm enjoying... finding a need and getting creative to meet it! i'm still at the patchwork stage... i look forward to following your step into attempting some quilting very soon. happy sewing lovely. :)

  5. Ooh lovely Tania, it's so vibrant and pretty! Just the thing for brightening up a table you're not keen on too! :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. It looks lovely!
    I have a horrid old dining table that I have been wanting to replace for years. I might just have to copy you and make a pretty cover-up.

  7. Thats a lovely idea! Such a cheery table now.

  8. What bright, cheerful fabrics!

  9. That looks great Tania, this is what patchwork quilts are all about.

    I often use patchwork quilts on my table and cover them with a clear plastic sheet so they dont get spoiled.



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