Sunday, April 10, 2011

From the op shop

In my weekly visit to the local oppies,  here is what I came home with :

Lovely old collection of children's books

Assortment of vintage pillowcases

Vintage pattern and pretty drinking glasses

Some clothes for Violet - including one vintage and two handmade

And I'm cheating a little here..this one was from a month or so ago where I scored a stash of vintage sheets. Also the Instamatic camera. If I remember rightly it was the camera my parents had in the late 70's and early 80's. Does anyone know if you can still get film for these?

For more thrifted items click here
Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. It never cease to amaze me the things that others have some mighty fab finds here....I particularly love the books and that camera..I have been after a vintage camera for ages :)

  2. Love the finds! The children's books are a real treasure. Leah x

  3. LOVE every. single. one! Lucky you!

  4. I see you share my love for vintage things. The things in your photos are so similar to whats in my house. Love them :)

  5. the colours of those books are beautiful, they look lovely lined up together. Gorgeous little pattern too.

  6. those books are an eye catcher!!!...

  7. Wow, so much loveliness. That pink floral number for Violet has me swooning and I can't even see the whole thing.

  8. gee you have some fabulous op shops round your way! what a wonderful find those books are. and love what you found for violet! i don't have kids yet but have started looking out for some lovely vintage clothing for our future bubs-to-be. oh how much fun it must be to dress your gorgeous kids!

    oh and great to see 'frugavore' on your book list. was only on her site the other week. its now on my wish list. :)
    have a good week lovely.

  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think now I have to move out of town just so I can go to the op shops! what a lot of goodies! well done


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