Wednesday, April 20, 2011

little bits of autumn

My favourite season. Beautiful shades of yellow. Bringing nature indoors. Time for a little writing. Slower bread rising. More cups of tea. The last of the tomatoes.


  1. I think Autumn is the prettiest season, shame about the chill, although i do like the change in wardrobe. After many years in Darwin with only 2 seasons - Wet & Dry in the tropics, Canberra really does show off 4 distinct seasons. Love Posie

  2. Lovely photos! It's always so interesting this time of year when we are heading into Summer and you all into your Autumn.

  3. Fantastic photos as usual!

    I think autumn is my favorite season as well! That said, I AM glad that spring is around the corner for me!

  4. I adore the cooler months...a chance for the pace of life to slow down...ah bliss!!

  5. Beautiful photos. The cooler months are my favorite too.

    Have you finished all the cleaning and sorting already?!


  6. I agree as soon as Spring is over i can't wait untill Autumn.


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