Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clean mess

 You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.  ~Cecil Baxter

This week so far has mainly been about cleaning up...the day to day messes as well as the twice yearly big clean out I tend to do. Which often makes me feel a little overwhelmed. To clean out you need to make a big mess and then you need to clean that up too.

My least favourite aspect of cleaning...ironing

Julia's iron
And my mending basket is calling...

But, I am slowly getting there...


  1. It's a mission and a half isn't it? I spent 2 hours yesterday in my 8yo's room doing just that..it seriously looked like a bomb had gone off but the feeling of a job well done was worth it :)

  2. I know what you mean - keeping things clean is on going but that twice a year pull it all out, sort, trash, donate and clean really wear a person out.

  3. Hello! I stumbled across your space here through your comment on Rhonda's, and I love your photos! Your apple pie looks delicious! Hope you are having a lovely day!



  4. I wish my messy looked like your messy! ;)

  5. Oh i love cleaning, i try to do a big spring clean every school holidays, oh the smell of a clean home, delicious. Bit sad but i have a candle which smells like fresh linen, true. Love Posie

  6. I always end up making a huge mess while cleaning and organizing! If Matt comes in while I am mid-session I feel compelled to assure him I really am cleaning! : )

    My mending basket is always calling...


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