Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decluttered bedrooms part 2

And so here is our room after moving into Luca's room. At some stage I would like to add a bedhead. I'm also thinking of a doona patchwork cover from vintage sheeting. I didn't include the window in any of the pictures..it's covered in a sheet for now. Yes, one and a half years after moving in we still have sheets on all the windows.

A little less cupboard space

It is a small room...thank goodness for those tall ceilings.


  1. I love high ceilings!!
    What a nice tranquil space...my room is so cluttered that it's awfully hard to relax in there.

  2. A lovely tidy peaceful bedroom Tania, just what you would want for a main bedroom...

    Wishing you a great day,


  3. It looks so lovely and fresh!
    We still have a bedcover hanging in the window of the kids room and a plastic sheet for a shower curtain, 4 years after renovating the bathroom!

  4. It looks lovely, so fresh and calming. I love that you use vintage linens too :)


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