Saturday, April 23, 2011

in between

In between lot's of family visits I have been squeezing in a little time for these projects..

Some vintage sheeting squares for a doona cover project

My kind husband bought me these and they have now been filled with various quince jams and green tomato pickles.

I am thinking cushions with these new fabrics bought here and here.
Quite liking my new scissors.

And, of course, no long weekend would be complete with out a little reading material. Enjoying the latest copy of Frankie.

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend.


  1. love those vintage sheet squares! they will make a fantastic doona cover. happy long weekending :)

  2. I desperately need to sharpen both of my pairs of scissors, so am incredibly envious of your new pair. Love the fabric and I think you need a rotary cutter, ruler and mat. You'd knock through those squares in no time!

  3. those vintage sheet squares are drop dead g o r g e o u s !! your cover is going to look beautiful :)

  4. Such deliciousness! Yum, yum, yummy. That quilt is going to look great!
    I second Little Bettys comment, if only because I've finally convinced myself I need them too haha :) x

  5. HAPPY EASTER and HAPPY STITCHING! The new cover will be fantastic! I would mention that you might want to keep a lookout for a rotary cutter, mat and a ruler or two in the future if you plan to do a lot of piecework (quilt) projects; it would save you a ton of time as you can cut 4 layers at once. I adore mine. Here is a video I found on Rotary cutting basics...

  6. those fabric are fabulous, I'm sure you will make beautiful stuff out of them!


  7. Oh that fabric is so pretty, it's going to make a lovely doona cover. Enjoy your long weekend with your family. xo


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