Sunday, April 17, 2011

I love old houses

There is just something about old houses, is there not? Particularly old, neglected ones, that have evidence that someone once cared for and tended to them. There is much beauty in worn floorboards, peeling paint and faded walls. And neglected old gardens.


Well, we could dream for a few minutes that we lived here... I dream of one day living in an old farmhouse.


  1. Loving the new header Tania!
    I also have dreams of an old farm house but we've had to make do with one I hjave nicknamed the copperart house (remember those ads?).
    I've been loving looking thorough your posts and catching up on what you've been up to.
    I adore that pic of you holding the baba, all rugged up picking quinces.
    Have a happy Sunday. X

  2. L.O.V.E. these photos - I can't get past the blue door and the flowers in the bag - swoon! I've always wanted to live in an old farmhouse too - sadly the Mr. doesn't hold the same level of affection for them!

  3. I love old houses too. They get you thinking about who lived there and what their lives might have been like. They have character and I just love the wear and tear, they are special. Enjoy your Sunday. xo

  4. Yes old houses have many wonders. As a farm girl growing up I had the privilege of living in one of these. Upon visiting the old place now, (which is no longer lived in and falling apart from neglect) it brings many tears and beautiful memories that I didn't appreciate when I was younger.

    I would live in an old farm house any day,there is none that compare...

    I am loving your posts Tania, and the lovely photos.


  5. You are a woman after my own heart....for as long as I can remember I have dreamed of living in an old rambling farmhouse, wooden floor boards, sash windows, high ceiling, fireplaces...just a fantasy at this point, but maybe one day.

    Lovely images to start my day with :)

  6. Cool photos, It could easily be mistaken for Tuscany! Especially with your georgous dark haired children!

  7. oh how lovely it would be to live in an old farmhouse (as long as it had new plumbing....)

  8. i share your dream. there is a warmth and hominess in old houses that can't be replicated in newly built ones. love the exploring adventures you and your kids get out about to. what fun you must have togethter. :)

  9. These gorgeous photos remind me of a favourite book of ours, 'Come by Chance'. I've been known to poke around more than a few abandoned houses in my time. I love imagining the lives that were lived there or how my life would be if I lived there. I took photos (from the road) of a couple of crumbling houses just this weekend. (do you know this book?)

  10. Oh what a beautiful house! And gorgeous photos -stunning!

  11. I love old houses too. To stand in them and imagine the stories that happened in the old peeling walls. My Grandmother brought up my Mum and her 6 siblings in a farm house in a rural part of Ireland. As a kid I would often spend Easter weekend there visiting with cousins. After she died the house fell into disrepair. I would visit it as an adult and see the layers of colour under the peeling paint and wish I could restore it back to being a busy home. My cousin did just that after he married and it is wonderful to know that once again the walls sing with the sounds of kids!


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