Thursday, April 21, 2011

in town

I must have been feeling brave yesterday. And energetic too, I might add. All four of us headed into our town for the main purpose of grocery shopping. But first, we had a few more interesting things to do.
First stop was our new library where we always find something new and interesting. Then we headed to my favourite coffee shop and treated ourselves to some sweet things. I had my once (sometimes twice) a week coffee. It was good!
The beautiful reds in the garden were at our post office. My new scissors arrived! As well as some beautiful fabric which I will post about soon.
A fossick around the op shops (and the dropping off of my many bags from my clean out). Careful about what I'm coming home with.
To complete the sugar overload of the day (goodness me) we stopped in at the old fashioned sweets shop with all the jars lined up. It was only one little thing each, and there I am after unwrapping Julia's lollipop.
Some goats caught our attention in the back of a truck. Were they on their way or on their way back from The Show?
And to do the groceries.


  1. What an idyllic town...the sort of place I would love to one day call home :)
    Me and my younger three hit town yesterday too..a trip to the oppy, park and library. We came home, arms laden with books and op shop goodies.

  2. I guessed that was a bag of new/old goodies as soon as I saw it....! You live in a such lovely place,it's hardly cold here in Qld yet...if we're lucky we get to put on a cardy first thing in the morning for a couple of hours...

  3. I don't know where you live, but i'm really jealous that it actually looks like autumn! Beautiful shots. xx

  4. I love the look of that custard slice, my favourite! your town pics are beautiful too, especially the blue building.

  5. You always have such delightful, artistic photos. The leaves and colors and textures.... The actions shots of your adorable children.

    You really have an eye for it.

  6. Thanks for the tour of your town... so pretty!

  7. It sounds like a busy day but very productive, I like days like that. Your little town is a sweet place of Australia. I love seeing all those pretty pictures. xo

  8. Sounds like a perfect day. I'd love a visit to the sweet shop :)


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