Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nooks and crannies

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.


  1. Looks like home! Hope you have a great Tuesday,too!

  2. Ah..I love nooks and crannies..so homely.

    I have a small collection of bone handled knives and way too many old books that I keep adding too.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday yourself

  3. what lovely little vintage crannies you have!

  4. I also collect bone handled knives and old books. Today I added a few more thrifty find to my collection. Can't wait to get a chance to do some baking!

    Love your previous post too. Looks like a wonderful day out.


  5. Love the styling on the bundle of books pic. Such lovely colours. And string. How I love string.

  6. oooh, bone handled knives. Collecting these for my wedding - think it's gonna look so amazing.

    new follower here ; )


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