Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have a weakness for china. The feel of it, the history, the little names printed on the back. The colours and the patterns. Sometimes I think about the people who used to use them. It is a pleasure to use such things everyday.


  1. There is something about old china, I love it too, I have a collection in our old meat safe, not game to use them in case they get broken. I have an old tea trolley in the process of getting restored so I might use that for displaying my goodies.

    I think they have lovely designs on them not like a lot of modern ones, and the history is intriguing...

    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. I am so with you on this Tania...I love vintage china and often think of the journey it has taken to reach me, just imagine the stories some pieces could tell :)

  3. I too am so in love with china. There is no other way to drink tea than in fine bone china and whenever anyone (and there are a lot of them) laments that I don't have a dishwasher- I remind them that vintage china can only be hand washed and I would never eat off anything else! To do so would be absurd and utterly displeasing to my aesthetic sensibilities. ;)

  4. Nice Collection, I love the way you have it all mix matched. I love the Pink Tea Cups...

  5. Me too! I know I thought china was a bit ugly growing I bug mum every time I'm home to see if there is a cup and saucer she is giving away. It's lovely and timeless. I really love your collection and the way you have styled your photos.

  6. Gorgeous collection Tania!
    I'm on a major hunting thing at the moment to build up a stash of floral china for our caravan adventure. I love it when people use and appreciate the fine stuff rather than shove it in the cupboard.
    Have an ace Sunday.


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