Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I saw this book when it came out, and for some reason or other, did not even give it a flick through in the book store. I'm not sure why because I own Donna Hay's Modern Classics 1 and refer to it often. Perhaps I mistakenly put it in the "trendy" category. I was surprised to see it in my local library and decided to borrow it, despite the potential back ache from lugging it to the car  (this, plus other books and baby sling!)

I was taken aback by the amazing photography... so stylish, in a cozy vintage picnic and farmhouse kind of way. And yet the majority of the recipes seem quite approachable and look absolutely delicious. Being a cold climate kind of girl, my favourite parts were the Autumn and Winter seasons. Seasons is divided into the four seasons and focuses on the available produce.

The other night I made the cinnamon fritters, which were very easy and contained simple ingredients. They were quite yummy and were gobbled up rather quickly by all.

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

This next book, is one you may have seen. It seems to be doing the blog rounds right now. I have to admit, though, that i haven't tried any of the projects yet. But it does look lovely and the instructions look very thorough.

I thought I might kick off with the simple mittens above. We certainly are starting to feel that perhaps sooner rather than later. Will keep you posted!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Isn't Season's a delicious looking book? I too borrowed it from our local library and oogled over the images and recipes for days.

    I adore the little mittens, I can only image what other delights are hidden on the pages of that book :)


  2. Matt was just reading about Seasons somewhere and wanted me to see if the library had it. Thanks for bringing it back to mind!

  3. I've long been a Donna fan but haven't yet seen this one - it looks lovely - I must also head down to 'the local' and see if its available:)

  4. Oh the Donna Hay Seasons is my favourite cookbook! The pictures are gorgeous an the minestrone :: to die for!
    x Stacey

  5. I really must pick up a copy of Seasons, I'd done almost the same thing you had and just given in a quick glance in the book shop and thought about it no further but having read this and just had a look at reviews I think it's well worth a whirl - thank you for sharing!

    Jem xXx

  6. Little things to sew looks really sweet. I like the pictures on the cover. I wonder if my local library would have such a treasure upon its shelves??

  7. oh i love donna hay. i think her food looks so gorgeous, yet so approachable, in a way. nothign intimidating about it.

  8. Nettle&amp comment brought on this thought:

    I don't know if this applies outside of the US, because that is the extent of my knowledge. However, in the US even if your own library doesn't have a book they can order it through interlibrary loan from another library that does. Libraries love sharing! And I love, love, love this service and so promote it wherever it seems relevant. It is super handy when you are after a book your library doesn't have. At my library this service is FREE too!

    It has prevented me from buying books that don't quite live up to the expectation because I can still "test drive" them first.

    Like I said, I don't know if this is something libraries do worldwide, but it might be worth looking into.

  9. I think we have something similar within different shires. Our local library is connected to one other library.


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