Saturday, April 16, 2011

The quince tree

A few doors down there is a vacant old house. We'd previously spotted a quince tree there so we gathered our bags and basket and headed down for a spot of quince picking.

It looks like I may be doing a little preserving this weekend...


  1. Your children are so gorgeous!!

    Seeing these photos makes me want to pack up and move to the country (it has always been a dream of mine)

    Happy preserving...I have never tried quince before but have seen them mentioned on other blogs :)

  2. What beautiful pictures...and beautiful memories made together!

  3. What a lovely adventure. My Husband and I have been spying blackberries in bloom so that in mid-June we will know where to go back and pick a bunch, I just love picking berries and fruit.

  4. Your children are beautiful! I'd like to know how you preserve the quince. We have a tree and last years harvest are still in the freezer! x

  5. I like all the knitted items! x Leah x hat's, jumpers etc.

    I've never tried a quince before :\ I have heard of them though I think? Not that readily available where I'm from so excuse the fact I've never tried one x Don't think you can buy them at our local greengrocers!

    Leah x

  6. Quince is such a great fruit to cook with.I hate to see fruit go to waste as well.Lovely pictures I also love the knitwear

  7. Your daughter's bag is fabulous! I assume you made it. Clever girl.

  8. We just discovered last year that the tree at the bottom of our garden is a quince when it produced a solitary fruit - we'd never even seen it flower before! But this year for the first time it's covered in blossom, so I'm hopefull of a basket like yours this Autumn. Fingers crossed.

    I just found you through Flea Market Finds - I guess we're trying to live in a similar way, despite me being in a city in the UK. I'm a stay at home mum of 2, and in addition to charity shopping and bargain hunting, I like crafting, baking, preserving...

    Following now, pop over and say hi :-)
    Lakota x

  9. I've just been having a bit more of a look at your blog, and I felt compelled to tell you once again how very lovely it is Tania. That's all x


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