Wednesday, April 27, 2011

back in the routine

I had a few plans for crafting with the kid's during the holiday's. Some coloured eggs perhaps and a little sewing. But, guess what? It didn't happen. I guess I'm okay with that. Sometimes you just don't have the time to do everything. And you have to let it go. There's always a next time.

This morning it's back to school for the kid's. They attend a lovely little school in the village with a small number of students. How quickly did two and a half weeks pass? Now here we are, back in the daily routine.


  1. As long as the days were full of happy moments -it's ALL GOOD! There is always later to do those tasks - and you can dye eggs any time just for fun.

  2. Ha! I could have written this post too. Word for word.
    Scary how fast those few weeks flew by.
    I hope you guys have a happy term 2.

  3. I was thinking exactly the same, I had bought some wax for the kids to make candles and we were going to attempt to blow eggs to paint...didn't happen but we were so busy and had the best holidays. Looks like your kids did too. On another note, your house looks so lovely and white, can I ask you what white you use on your walls? I'm having the white dilema at the moment.

  4. I had a sleepless night or two when I picked our white. Crazy, I know. We went for Antique white USA which is a Dulux shade but we used Haymes paint. I'm really happy with it. It's not a stark white but there is no obvious yellow tones either.

  5. We still have another week before school goes back here in WA but I have no doubt it will be over in the blink of an eye :)

    If I had a room as snug as your children's room I wouldn't want to leave.

  6. Our kids dont start back until next Monday here in South Oz.

    The holidays have certainly gone by way too quickly, it has been so nice not to rush around in the mornings...


  7. Thanks Tania, that's what we chose but given the back of our house has sloping ceilings the colour looks too yellow against the white ceilings. Just sent hubby off to get Natural White in half strength for tonights painting session. Gosh I hope I haven't gone to far the other way now.......It's not crazy at all. We love our homes and need it to be perfect.

  8. i love your daughters nightdress,
    our holiday went way too fast & its' always a shock to get back into the getting dressed / fed / out the house routine in tome to get to school!

  9. there must be a feeling of Déjà vu all over becuse I was saying the same thing this morning


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