Friday, April 22, 2011

quick hello

Hot cross buns made from this recipe

Hope you are all enjoying this time out spent with family or friends. May you consume your fair share of hot cross buns and chocolate.

Happy Easter!


  1. Well don't great minds think alike!
    Is that cinnamon sugar on top? What a nice touch.... Hope you and your Family have a lovely Easter Weekend Tania :)

  2. Oh i've gone & done it again, too many hot cross buns well in advance of Easter, they're not as special this weekend, sigh. Love Posie

  3. I haven't eaten any hot cross buns yet, I need to make some and yours look very delicious indeed. Have a wonderful easter Tania and hopefully not too much chocolate;) xo

  4. Ah there's nothing like the aroma of homemade hotcross buns waffling from the oven and then enjoyed with a hot cup of tea :)
    Happy Easter to everyone in the Ivy Nest Tania

  5. I have already had more than my fair share!
    Yours do look delicious though, and I am sure I could be tempted to have another if it was served on such a sweet plate with a lovely pat of butter.

  6. that's a delicious scene! Happy Easter to you and your family x

  7. Yes that is cinnamon sugar - you have a good eye. Thank you for all the Easter wishes everyone xo


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